IV Therapy

Come In, The Bar is Open

Get your IV Drips in Johnson City or Unicoi TN In our all new IV Bar Lounges. IV Drips go way beyond just simple hydration. They are a great way to relax, rehydrate and recharge. The therapeutic benefits of increased absorption, nutrient uptake and cellular repair are amazing. IVs are not just for sick people anymore. Come relax in our zero gravity massage chairs while you listen to music and take a drip. The formulations that we have are great for headaches, body aches, hangovers, cramps, and post illness recovery just to name a few. If you enjoy frequent treatments click below to subscribe to a membership for special pricing and benefits.



This is the introductory membership and includes one IV service per month and à la carte add-on services.


With this membership you get a discounted rate for all IVs as well as one free add-on per treatment such as Toradol, dexamethasone, biotin, glutathione.


This one has all the benefits of the premium membership but with bi-weekly visits and two addons per visit, IM or IV.

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