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Reflections Aesthetics & IV Bar

Slim Weightloss Lifestyle

Slim Weightloss Lifestyle

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Patient feedback has demonstrated reduced appetite, improved control of eating, reduced food cravings, and improved glycemic control. The greatest weight loss benefits were observed when used in combination with lifestyle changes, which we will reinforce with the help of provider counseling and a nutrition plan. 

An Online Health Appointment is required. If you need to use cherry or care credit payments, please give us a call at 423 900 2994.

  • Duration of medication is based off of average dose of 25 units or one milligram per week. Never use medication past the best use by date.
  • This program comes with 5.2 mg/ mL in a 2 mL vial
  • For a more accurate estimate of how long your medication will last, please use the drug dose calculator found here.
  • All multi-month program selection includes a maximum of one vial of medication per month or as needed.
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